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Lotus Blossom Mandala October Tshirt Pre-Order

October T-shirt Pre-order Each month (mid-month) I'll be unveiling a new t-shirt design. I'll then accept pre-orders for the shirt for one week after the design unveils. The shirts will then be created and shipped by the First of the following month. ex. Order in September and Ships October 1st. It's a fun way to… Continue reading Lotus Blossom Mandala October Tshirt Pre-Order

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What’s on the menu this week?

Hi all. I'm going to be posting my Keto weight loss pics and measurements tomorrow. This weekend has flown by and I didn't get a chance to take pics this morning. I did want to make sure that I posted dinner ideas for you all to consider this week. I am loving meal planning. It… Continue reading What’s on the menu this week?

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Keto Diet – Week One Update

One week down and I'm feeling good. The snack cravings are going away and I'm feeling a lot more full off of my meals. My energy levels are perking back up and I feel more focused. It amazes me how just some simple tweaks to the diet can make such a world of difference. I've… Continue reading Keto Diet – Week One Update

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Keto Diet – Day One

This is my second time really committing to the Keto diet. I started about a year ago and had great results. I lost weight, had a huge increase in energy and my mood had never been better. You don't realize how much influence the food you eat really has on your body. For me, I… Continue reading Keto Diet – Day One

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September is the new January

September is my month to start new...While most people begin in January their resolutions to start a new year off right, the timing never really seems right for a January start. I guess I'm a late bloomer....or early bloomer - I'm 4 months ahead on new years resolutions. For me it just makes sense. Back… Continue reading September is the new January

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Tips for Working with a Freelancer

Aside from being a stay-at-home mom to my boys, I offer freelance services for authors. I work with them to develop their manuscript into a finalized product. 95% of the time I have a very smooth process. We work together, they give me their vision and I develop their final design. Often it is their… Continue reading Tips for Working with a Freelancer

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Quick and Easy Make Ahead School Lunches

Gearing up for back to school brings the return of routines, early mornings and meals, meals, meals. I feel as though I spend the majority of my day thinking about food for the family. What's for breakfast? What's for lunch? What's for dinner? With 3 littles and a husband all needing sustenance for an entire… Continue reading Quick and Easy Make Ahead School Lunches

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Let’s Call a Mom Truce

As mother's, can we simply just agree to disagree. Enough with mom shaming, judging and those raised eyebrows. As much as we try, NONE of us are perfect, but we all are doing the best we can. There is no right way to be a mom. My views and beliefs are different from yours but… Continue reading Let’s Call a Mom Truce


Crispy Baked Chicken Wings

It took me close to 27 years to discover how delicious chicken wings are. Yes...I was late to the party but I feel as though I'm not making up for borrowed time. I was even more excited when I discovered that chicken wings are a YES on the Keto diet. It took some digging to… Continue reading Crispy Baked Chicken Wings


Keto – Easy, Cheesy Chicken

This chicken recipe is super quick to put together and bakes up so yummy in the oven. It gets a thumbs up from all my picky eaters. It's great because 3 chicken breasts go a long way to feeding my mini-army. Let's do it!!! Ingredients: 3 chicken breasts - butterfly in half the make 6… Continue reading Keto – Easy, Cheesy Chicken